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inaugurato il sito del nuovo gruppo di lavoro internazionale contro il WI-FI dallo spazio

inaugurato il sito del nuovo gruppo di lavoro internazionale contro il WI-FI dallo spazio

appena inaugurato il sito del nuovo gruppo di lavoro internazionale che lotta contro il Wi-Fi dallo spazio:

AMICA ha aderito.
Per far parte di questa gruppo con la vostra associazione o comitato (legalmente costituito) basta mandare il vostro nome e cognome, nome dell’associazione, email e sito, città e nazione, al coordinatore Ed Friedman:

Speriamo che in tanti dall’Italia aderiranno.


Would you like a group you represent to be listed on our new website Thanks to Bruce Evans for the logo, temporary hosting and push to get a site up, Catherine Kleiber for the transfer and construction of our permanent page up today and everyone contributing to copy. I have paid for two years of domain name and hosting so we are covered for a bit.

Catherine and I discussed formalizing a list on the page of organizations affiliated with the GUARDS collaboration or coalition. For starters I think we should get our own groups up if possible. Draft blurb below could include businesses and individuals in addition to organizations if we wanted [I was thinking mostly of scientists who signed the UN letter but their also may be many small and some large businesses interested in not getting blasted!].

Shall we make the language more inclusive or different in some way and if your group is on board? When we reach out beyond this group letter in draft form now would be part of our request.



Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS)

GUARDS (Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space) is an international coalition against global WiFi from space, a technology of chemical & radiation emissions that would endanger all life on Earth.

The following organizations support the GUARDS mission for environmental and or health reasons:

Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Friends of Merrymeeting Bay


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